Chief Information Officer
Office of Information Technology
Department of Health and Human Service's Health Resources and Services Administration

Adriane Burton has served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) within Health and Human Services since 2014.  She has transformed HRSA’s grants management and performance reporting systems that provide oversight for over 80 health programs, implemented Business Intelligence capabilities across the enterprise, and deployed an infrastructure to support a mobile workforce.  Prior to coming to HRSA, she worked at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for 12 years in various positions that supported 40,000 users.  She was the Director of the Division of Computer System Services (DCSS) at the Center for Information Technology (CIT) where she managed NIH’s 37,000 square foot central Data Center.  Ms. Burton implemented an agile NIH private computing cloud; deployed elastic storage; upgraded NIH’s email and messaging systems; expanded NIH’s Scientific Computing capabilities; re-architected NIH’s video streaming architecture to improve video functionality and video quality; deployed collaboration tools; and improved the overall security for IT systems.

She rotated as the Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer at the Indian Health Service (IHS) and to OMB as part of the SES Candidate Development Program. Prior to participating in the SES CDP, Ms. Burton was the Deputy Director of the Division of Network Systems and Telecommunication within the Center for Information Technology at the NIH for five years.  She managed NIH’s network, security, video, telecommunications, and cabling programs.  Before joining the NIH, Ms. Burton began her federal career at the Internal Revenue Service as a computer systems programmer for eight years. She transferred to the Department of Justice (DOJ) Justice Management Division where she served as the Branch Chief of DOJ’s premiere Network Service Center and consolidated DOJ’s fourteen networks into one enterprise network infrastructure.  Ms. Burton has a Masters of Telecommunications Management and a Bachelors of Science in Computer and Information Science from the University of Maryland.  She is currently a board member of the Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) is a non-profit, government led organization that provides a professional development forum for government and industry leaders to collaborate and innovate on mission critical solutions enabled through IT.