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The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act was passed at the end of 2018 with overwhelming support. The Act calls upon government to deliver the kind of customer service that citizens have come to expect from the private sector. Critical government services such as healthcare, housing, tax advice, driver’s licenses will be available digitally to reduce the taxpayer burden and improve Federal websites using modern technology such as electronic signatures, digitals forms, and self-service options.

This briefing will bring together government thought-leaders to explore how customer service improvements are taming spiraling costs, earning the public trust, and building a more empowered government workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the intent of the 21st Century IDEA and the steps agencies need to take to successfully implement it.

  • Understand the benefits of digital documents for superior security and compliance.

  • Explain workforce considerations and the effect of higher value work on recruitment and retention of government employees.

  • Detail how other government agencies are successfully streamlining the citizen experience.

Featured Speakers:

Lee A. Becker, Chief of Staff, Veterans Experience Office, Department of Veteran Affairs

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Colleen Manaher, Executive Director of Planning, Program Analysis, and Evaluation, Office of Field Operations, CBP

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Anahita Reilly, Chief Customer Officer, GSA

Anahita Reilly_WEB.png

Chad Sheridan, IT Director, Farm Production & Conservation Business, USDA

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Chris Dorobek, Executive editor, GovLoop's DorobekINSIDER

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