The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) invites companies to participate in the 2020 DoD Acquisition Public-Private Talent Exchange Program. This six-month acquisition exchange program provides the opportunity for mid-career civilians from the private sector and government to gain a better understanding of each other's business operations and share innovative best practices.

Through the insights of both private-sector and DoD participants, companies will develop a better understanding of the needs and challenges of their government customers. Companies in the exchange will have the ability to implement these new insights and take a proactive approach to addressing present and future government challenges and creating innovative solutions to meet client needs.

A reciprocal approach will be used; there will be one government participant for each company participant. However, this is not a job swap. Each exchange participant will continue to be compensated by their employer throughout the duration of the exchange.

Please visit for more information. Companies interested in participating may contact Ms. Aissa Tovar at