Government/Academia Training Program Membership

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your career?

According to OPM, Federal employees must see a clear career path with training, mentoring and processes in place to support career development. The Association for Federal Information Resources Management has played a central role in developing government’s technology workforce for the last 35 years.

AFFIRM’s government and academia training program combines free membership with pro bono participation at the association’s monthly luncheon educational forums held in Washington, DC.

Here are a few features of AFFIRM’s monthly programs:

  • Moderators from media interview speakers in an entertaining and thoughtful way making the information exchange timely.

  • Speakers range from a wide array of government agencies with emphasis on policy initiatives important to the government technology community.

  • Topics covered include OMB imperatives such as cybersecurity, managing complex IT programs, big data, and other major initiatives.

  • Senior leaders give their perspective and help groom technology professionals to take the next step in his or her career.

  • Networking with peers during the monthly programs widens individual viewpoints to greater understand missions outside your own agency or educational institution.


Start taking advantage of AFFIRM member benefits by taking these steps:

1.      Call the AFFIRM office at (703)778-4646, or email us at info@affirm.org and become a member today! 

2.      Visit the Upcoming Events page, that way you’ll be sure to learn about all upcoming educational events.

3.      Sign up for our monthly luncheon series. There is no cost to government or academia to participate, and our educational forums are convenient to the Metro, held in the DC area.

4.      Talk to AFFIRM board members at your next luncheon and consider playing a role on AFFIRM’s committees and Board.