AFFIRM Conflict of Interest Policy and Leadership Commitment

Volunteers and employees of AFFIRM have an obligation to act reasonably and in the best interests of the association. Among other things, it is important that volunteers and employees avoid conflicts of interest between their duties to the association and their duties to other organizations.

A conflict of interest may emerge in one of two ways. First, a conflict of interest exists when an individual participates in the deliberation and resolution of an issue important to the association while, at the same time, the individual has other professional, business or volunteer responsibilities outside the association that could predispose or bias the individual to a particular view or goal.

A conflict of interest may also emerge when a volunteer or employee takes advantage of their position with the association to gain some special benefit or service that is not generally available to other members and employees.

It is the policy of the association that conflicts of interest by volunteers and employees shall be avoided. In accordance with this policy, the following procedures are adopted:

  • Individuals shall recuse themselves from deliberations and/or decisions regarding issues in which they have a personal or other interest;
  • Individuals shall not take advantage of their position with the association to gain special benefits or services;
  • Individuals shall voluntarily disclose any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest to the association’s board of directors.
  • If the presence of a conflict of interest is unclear, the individual shall seek the advice of counsel.

It is important to note that conflicts of interest will be judged from the point of view of disinterested outsiders, so it is prudent to err on the conservative side and avoid even the appearance of a conflict.

AFFIRM Leadership Commitment

By accepting a leadership position with AFFIRM, I affirm my commitment to:

  • Read and abide by the bylaws, ethics policy and other policies of the organization.
  • Exercise the powers vested in my position for the good of the organization and avoid using my position for personal benefit or gain. Act in a professional and ethical manner when performing the responsibilities of my position and as a representative of the organization. Comply with all applicable ethics rules and policies and take steps to ensure that government employees, and the organization’s members, are not placed in an unethical or compromising position.
  • Ensure the right of all members to access benefits and services without discrimination on the basis of culture, geography, political, religious, or socio-economic aspects.
  • Respect the confidentially of sensitive and proprietary information acquired during the performance of responsibilities as an AFFIRM leader.
  • Maintain the confidential nature of board and committee deliberations and avoid acting as spokesperson for the organization unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Recognize that AFFIRM is an individual and team membership organization and each member is expected to be an effective member of the team to strengthen the organization.

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