Code of Ethics

AFFIRM is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in order to protect the integrity of the collaborative process between government, industry and academia dedicated to the promotion of learning and excellence in Federal information technology and management.

The Association is composed of a diverse group of government, industry and academic professionals from a cross section of the information technology management community.

In their various professional roles, members of the Association strive to serve their enterprises, their institutions and their own professional community, while advocating information technology and its management as a means of enhancing and improving the information technology government community.

With utmost regard for their profession, these members acknowledge their responsibilities to the AFFIRM community, and accept this Code of Ethics as a set of principles to guide them in their professional practice. 

In pursuing the mission and goals of the Association, information management practitioners will:

  • Deliver programs of measurable high quality.

  • Provide fair and equal services to all, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, politics, marital status, national origin, disability, or socio-economic status.

  • Avoid actual conflicts of interest or the perception or the appearance of conflicts of interest in all aspects of their work.

  • Monitor all organizational activities to ensure compliance with the prohibitions on lobbying and business promotion.

  • Ensure confidentiality in areas where privacy is expected or required. Members will respect the confidentiality of sensitive information acquired during the performance of responsibilities as an AFFIRM leader or member.

  • Members will maintain the confidential nature of board deliberations and avoid acting as spokesperson for the board unless specifically authorized to do so.

  • Present advertising information that is clear, truthful and descriptive of the real services and programming.

  • Demonstrate prudent fiscal management and are to be accountable to association members, the leadership, and where applicable, to government and other funding bodies.

  • Make judgments always on the basis of what is best for the Association as a whole.

  • Ensure the organization, its programs and activities are consistent with the AFFIRM mission to assist government in the effective use and management of information technology.

  • Act in a professional and ethical manner when performing the responsibilities of their positions and as representatives of the Association.

  • Comply with all applicable federal ethics rules and regulations and take steps to ensure that government employees and the Association are not placed in an unethical or compromising position.

  • Ensure the Association’s activities are transparent in operation and open to all interested parties in a fair and objective way.

  • AFFIRM members are expected to be an advocate for AFFIRM and AFFIRM activities

  • When participating in a meeting under the auspices of AFFIRM, attendees are representing AFFIRM not their individual organizations

  • Respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the Association’s Board, committees, membership and administrative helpers.

  • Members will share opinions openly and in a respectful manner during deliberations.

  • Promote collaboration, cooperation, diversity and partnership among the organization’s members and volunteers.

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